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Nice to meet you

We currently take care of 8 wonderful children
The reason the children are in our care is mainly economical. In most cases the father left the house while the mother was pregnant. She then has to work and can not afford to feed another mouth. One of the boys though saw his mother leave the house after a big fight with his father. He was left alone with his dad, who had to work during the day. 

We have seven boys, and one girl, and as they grow older they play (and fight) together like real siblings do. They love to play with Duplo, cars, and musical instruments. Our oldest boy likes to write words, as he already learns how to write in school. Our youngest and only girl happily crawles from one to the other and tries to join in with the activities. 

We have room for new children
Our boys have outgrown their baby cots, and sleep in beds for big boys now, so these cots are empty.

New abandoned babies and young toddlers are welcome to sleep in these cots and join our Lestari “family”.

Welcome to our shelter, a place where abandoned                                                                              children, are cared for, loved and educated

The Orphanage


The Children

Our Shelter



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