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Any one is welcome to pay us a visit, and help us in any way that you feel most comfortable with.

We already had a few volunteers coming to our orphanage and help out. Our first volunteer was Nikki from the Netherlands. She gave the bottle to our youngest baby, and together with our staff cooked a typical Dutch meal called hutspot. Later we had guest from New Zealand, Bridget, and besides playing with the children, she also arranged outings to the Playground. 

Then we had three guests from Holland shortly after another. Charlotte, Charlotte, en Inez. Besides a lot of play, they also helped our oldest boy with this English homework, and prepared different food for the children, and the staff. One also helped bathing the children. It was fun having them with us!


What we can offer volunteers who come here to help us, is days filled with the joy of playing with the kids, teaching the children new things, and a taste of our delicious Indonesian meals. Because our location is very central, transportation between our orphanage and the place where you stay should be no problem either. So, if you look for voluntary work in an orphanage, you are welcome!

There are many ways through which you can contribute. You can help by giving monetairy support, you can help by buying things we need for us, or to come to our orphanage and help here. Perhaps you are good at cooking, or playing an instrument and make music with the children, or read a book. You can also teach them your language. Any way you contribute will be highly appreciated by us and the children.

Welcome to our shelter, a place where abandoned                                                                              children, are cared for, loved and educated

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