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For the kids
In the living room the children can choose where they want to play, as there are different play corners e.g. a bookcorner, a Duplo corner, a doll/kitchen corner, a music corner, etc... There is also a table where they can draw or do art. For the smallest ones we have a play pen where they can play undisturbed by the older kids (and of course the other way around). 

In the front yard the children can ride bikes, play on the climbing rack and slide, or just have fun playing ball, or running games. 
The back yard has grass, and fruit trees. We are growing vegetables so the kids can see where vegetables come from, and do some gardening activities. We have a water table there, and a sand pit.

We are very happy with the storage our home provides! 
This way we can make a stock of donated products like diapers, wet tissues, rice, tea, sugar, and coffee etc..


Welcome to our shelter, a place where abandoned                                                                              children, are cared for, loved and educated

The Orphanage


The Children

Our Shelter



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