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Intake policy
•   To enable a lot individual care and attention we will keep the total group of children at maximally 10 children for each house we set up. 
•   We prefer to take children in when they are 0 – 3 years old. 
     Research has shown that attachment bonds can most easily be formed under the age of three. 
•   If the children cannot be reunited with their biological family, they will stay and grow up in the orphanage until the age of 16 years, 
     when they are independent. 
•   Initially we will focus on children with no major handicaps or illnesses that need special care. 
     In due time we will discuss with the foundation the possibilities to take in children with small handicaps as well.

Welcome to our shelter, a place where abandoned                                                                              children, are cared for, loved and educated

The Orphanage


The Children

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