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Why we do what we do


Our background
Lestari Sayang Anak means “Forever loving children”. It is a non-profit organization, founded by Ingrid van der Mark on 18th of April 2009. Through her foundation Lestari Sayang Anak, Ingrid set up a small scaled orphanage. A structure like this allows for high quality care and individual attention for each child. The children do not get “lost in the crowd”. This individual approach makes it easier for the children to adapt to their environment. In addition, the unique qualities of each child will be recognized and met in a better way. 


Our mission
Our mission is to run an orphanage for abandoned babies and toddlers, who cannot be cared for by their biological family. The orphanage resembles a small home full of individual care and attention, where they don’t suffer from the lack of a biological family of their own. We provide for the basic needs like healthy food, clothing, good education, medical- and loving care. The children are raised until they are grown up, by providing them with all they need to become happy, healthy adults in the future. 

Our vision
Our vision is for the orphanage to grow in a small- scaled way, and be able to care for more children. In addition to our current orphanage, we want to open more houses, all with a maximum of ten children and five caregivers, on our own land to ensure a stable environment in the future.

Welcome to our shelter, a place where abandoned                                                                              children, are cared for, loved and educated

The Orphanage


The Children

Our Shelter



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